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when you hear somebody talking about one of your interests



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♡ F R E N C H  S L A N G  T E R M S

I’ve been in a lot of roleplays and I often find many foreign characters, the majority of them from the U.K or Australia; but I have also found french ones who don’t exactly speak french. This is a masterlist of casual terms that your character can use on any convo or para, to make it more real. Includes some curses and ‘big words’.

I will be updating this post.


  • 'Salut!' - Hi! 
  • 'Bonjour' - Good morning.
  • 'Bon soir' - Good afternoon.
  • 'Bonne nuit.' - Good night.
  • a va?’ - How are you/How’s the going?
  • D’accord !’ - (or just D’acc.) Ok, general agreement. 
  • 'Oh mon Dieu' - Oh my God.
  • Mon Dieu!’ - My God.
  • Chouette !’ - Cool!
  • Vaseux’ - Dazed, confused
  • Charabia.” - Nonesense.
  • Arrete!’ - Stop!
  • 'Au revoir.' - Goodbye.
  • Fais gaffe!’ - Be careful!
  • Prends soin.’ - Take Care.

This one is very important if your character is french:

  • Allez les bleus !!’ - Go Blues! (National Football Soccer Team)

Here’s what I remember (it’s not much, i know)

  • meuf’ - Girl, chick. (femme backwards, the verslan way.)
  • gars’ - Guys, boys (Short for garcon)
  • mec’ - Dude, guy, friend.
  • mdr’ - Lol (mort de rire)
  • 'ouf' - Crazy (fou backwards.)
  • ado’ - Teen.
  • sec’ - Dry, whe you have no money left.
  • un flic’ - A cop.
  • un crapaud’ - Literally a toad, but people use it to mean a brat, especially a bratty child.


  • Je t’aime’ - I love you.
  • 'Je t'adore' - I adore you.
  • 'Je te désire' - I want/desire you.
  • 'Mon amour' - My love (unisex)
  • 'Ma chere, ma chérie.' - My dear (female)
  • Mon cher.’ - My dear (male)
  • Ourson’ -  Baby bear (Yes I’ve heard this one many times)
  • Mon petit bébé d’amour.’ - My little love baby (This one is not only embarrassing but also ridiculous but i s2g i heard it like a million times)
  • 'Ma belle' - My beautiful (female)
  • Mon beau.’ - My beautiful (male)
  • un béguin'  - Someone you fancy, your crush.
  • Petit copain’ - Boyfriend.
  • 'Petite copine' - Girlfriend.
  • Fiancé’ - Fiance (male)
  • Fiancée’ - Fiance (female)
  • 'Mari, époux' - Husband.
  • 'Épouse' - Wife. You can also use 'Ma Femme' if it is your wife, or sa femme if it is someone else’s.


  • 'connard !' - Stupid, idiot. (male)
  • 'conasse !' - Stupid, idiot. (female)

I’ve only heard those two directed towards a person, not a situation or and object.

  • con’ - Abreviation, this one can also be used to describe a situation.. (C’est con!)
  • Sabot’ - Idiot.
  • Salope !’ - Bitch.
  • Pute !’ - Whore, slut. It can be complemnted with ‘sale’ (dirty) and it ends up like this: “Sale pute!”
  • 'Putain de merde!' - Fucking shit (?)
  • Merde !’ - Shit! (It can be complemented with Roulette de merde!’ (Shit roulette) one of my teachers used to say it all the time lol. you also put it at the end of something that you don’t like, par example: Internet de merde ! (Shitty internet/ Fucking internet) when your internet isn’t working.
  • T’es chiant!" - You’re annoying (as fuck), you’re dumb, stressing.

If you have any questions you can always go to my ask box and I’ll be glad to answer.

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people run “aesthetic blogs” where they just reblog pics of like neon lights and pools of water and weird textures and stuff and i don’t really get it but i like to look at those blogs, it’s nice to know that you guys are out there, always silent, never getting into fights, just reblogging pics of wrinkled plastic bags… keep doing ur thing